Social Media Bookmarking for SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be quite challenging.

This is true regardless of the size or type of business you have. One area of SEO that is particularly confusing for some is social bookmarking.

However, the social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit and Delicious can actually be extremely powerful platforms that are able to positively impact SEO campaigns.

Get Your Site Indexed Quickly

SEO is usually a waiting game. You have to wait weeks, perhaps even months to see the results you want. However, if you don’t have this much time to spare, you can encourage Google to index the site faster by engaging in social bookmarking platforms.

The fact is that Google, as well as a number of other search engines, crawl these sites all the time. When Google is able to see links to your site’s content on several social bookmarking sites, it will work to index the content with much faster speed than if the bookmarks did not exist.

Sending Social Signals

The nature of social bookmarking dictates that social signals are sent across the internet, which lets Google know that the content you have created and published is worth other people sharing and bookmarking it. The result of this is Google being informed that your site’s content is useful and valuable for certain people, which will in turn improve your SEO ranking.

Helpful Tip: When creating ‘sharable’ content, think about what your audience will want to read. Answer their questions and see how valuable it may really be.

The Do-Follow Link

When it comes to SEO, there is quite a bit of focus placed on the do-follow links. These will pass some of the SEO power from the linking website, where as the no-follow link will not. There are some who believe that social bookmarking are completely useless since the backlinks are all no-follow links; however, this is not always the situation. Some of the social bookmarking sites that offer do-follow links (which you should definitely consider using) include Scoop It, Diigo and Digg.

Generating Targeted Traffic

The majority of business websites are operating in a very specific niche. When operating in this niche, having endless traffic from every direction is not going to be very useful. It will be much more useful to receive targeted traffic from the demographic that is going to most likely benefit from the service of product you have to offer.

This is when the engagement with social bookmarking can be valuable. Those who wind up visiting your site due to social bookmarking are going to be more interested in what you offer. This will increase the chance of gaining new, loyal readers, improve your page views and Google will look at this favorably in terms of popularity in this niche.

Increase Your Page Rank

The cumulative benefits offered above can help improve your website’s Page Rank. If Google is considering how it should rank your website and web pages, it is going to take into consideration the links coming in from sites with quality domain authority, engagement with the desired audience and social signals that are spread across a number of platforms.

When you refocus a portion of your SEO efforts on social bookmarking, then you will find that the sites will receive improved rankings by Google and that they will reach the top of the SERPs faster.

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