How to Avoid Low Quality SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are still important in the world of SEO.

And if you want to succeed with your SEO in Kansas City, you have to do some level of proactive link building.

There are two primary contexts to define SEO: offsite and onsite optimization strategies. Offsite methods are almost exclusively reliant on the power of the backlink for development. The more backlinks you have on your website, and the more powerful that the links are, the higher authority you will gain and the higher rank you will achieve for relevant search terms.

Now…the bad news.

Not all backlinks are created equally. High-quality backlinks are powerful – they can help:

  • Increase your reputation
  • Improve your domain authority
  • Increase your visibility in Google SERPs

Low-quality backlinks are just as powerful, but provide the exact opposite effects. If you consistently use low-quality backlinks it can reduce your authority and may cause you to earn manual penalties that can compromise the amount of inbound traffic you receive.

Understanding the difference in high and low-quality backlinks is essential if you want to create a successful SEO campaign.

The Low-Quality Backlink

Using low-quality backlinks can hurt your reputation on Google and compromise the visibility you have in searches.

Some of the factors that impact the quality of a backlink are found here.

The Backlink’s Source

The source used for building a backlink is one of the biggest factors that determine its quality. Generally speaking, the lower quality of the website, the lower quality link will be achieved. Things to avoid when looking for websites:

  • Disreputable sites
  • Low ranking sites
  • Poorly designed sites

All of these will have a negative impact on your website. Also, posting a link on a source that has been specifically designed to manipulate rank is likely to earn you a penalty.

The Backlink’s Intention

Another contributing factor to the quality of a link is the intention of the link. Believe it or not, Google has a way to determine why you have built the links on your page. One of the biggest things to avoid is if the link is specifically built with the intention of improving rank or domain authority. If Google determines a link has absolutely no purpose besides artificially generating traffic, it will be considered low quality.

The Backlink’s Structure

The structure of the link is typically related to its intention. For example, if the link is posted on its own in a blog comment, with no explanation or introduction, it is going to be regarded as spam. However, if the link is structured in the middle of content that supports what it’s about, free from any spam indicators, such as “click here,” there is no need to worry.

Helpful Tip: Try to find other websites similar to what you do or offer and request to write a guest post. This allows you to write on something you know and get a backlink that is relevant.

The Type of Backlink

If Google begins to see you have posted the same link on all the external sources, such as a link back to the site’s homepage, it may be treated as a bad link. You need to ensure your links are relevant to specific platforms and conversions so try to avoid using the same link destination.

The Frequency of Backlink Acquisition

If you are posting backlinks on the same source several times a day, then your links are going to be regarded as spam. This also applies to multiple sources. If you have backlink numbers that suddenly skyrocket with no logical explanation, you will be seen as a spammer and your ranking will likely suffer.

Helpful Tip: Buying backlinks is a practice that is frowned upon and that will likely get you marked as spam. There are some high-quality link building services you can find, but you often have to pay a premium for to these link building agencies.

Kansas City Link Building Services

Ensuring you have high quality backlinks is essential for a good SEO ranking. If you do not use the information here, you may find that your rank in the search engines suffers.

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